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Top Rappers to Watch for in 2021


The music industry is always looking for a new kind of energy that will evolve for the 2021. Hip hop artist Odizzy from Texas is a upcoming sensation from Houston. He is one of the hottest upcoming artist in he music business check out his song Way Back.

Jayo Cortez (CA)

As addictive as lyrics can be Jayo Cortez brings back hip hop with a message. He has the substance that makes up his name, Jayo Cortez freestyles alone will make you think twice about what real rap sounds like. The California native shows us in this freestyle what he has to offer.

Mulatto (GA)

Ms. Mulatto has just flat been productive during this year of 2020. The Atlanta artist has came into her own with some of the hottest songs in 2020 her 2021 future can do nothing but go up.

Mysonne (NY)

Most impressive is the fact about Mysonne is his content is one everyone no matter what coast you from can understand. With this level of creative ownership, it ensures he can control his own narrative. This might be one of the best freestyles ever take a listen.


Los Angeles rapper from Watts is a beast. First heard him in a song with rapper The Game on “My Flag“. His youthful exuberance when he jumps on a track draws you right into his world.

Jay Gwuapo (NY)

A philosopher for a generation more aware of its mortality than ever before, Jay Gwuapo has dreamy raps that explore what’s lurking behind one’s life.

Yung AL (TX)

Hands down one of the top artist in Texas. Could he be the new king of Houston? Yung AL has star quality and his rapid freestyles show he’s just as inspired by the technical rapping prowess of Nas.

Melvoni (NY)

His music could easily establish himself as one of the genre’s most unpredictable stars.


NFL JT music makes can be song highlight’s for sports players. “Jack Jones Highlight’s” that gives off the impression he’s personally one himself. The Long Beach rapper looks destined to jump into carrying the flag for California.

Lil Bri (TX)

Lil Bri just keep getting better and better. She is one of the hottest artist in Texas. As she pushes music out she will be next up for the south.

Jooba Loc (CA)

This Long Beach native possesses a down-to-earth humility that makes his hard-nosed storytelling raps feel like they’re always coming from a place of truth over fiction. Like his song “True Story,”. He’s the kind of rapper who you pull for he will be out from serving time later this year in 2020.



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