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Texas District 14-6A Football 2020 Season Preview! Aldine/Spring Prepares For Kickoff

As 5A & 6A Texas football prepares to head into the 2021 high school football season, here’s what we know for sure about district 14-6A

Westfield is the favorite, Spring & Dekany will be very good.

Every other team has unanswered questions, every other team is in a state of transition, every other team is a wildcard. With the Westfield Mustangs Moore as the reigning district champions, the Spring Lions could be the favorites to knock them off this year. With aldine MacArthur building a perennial powerhouse under Head Coach Wayne Crawford they will not sneak up on anyone this year. With 4 teams allowed to advance to the playoffs that number four spot is always a intresting one. It was a close one last year and it will be a close one this year MacArthur vs Esienhower showdown. “I look at Aldine Davis being a better program and Nimitz always has some players that can put them over the hump, Aldine is getting better year by year. With the pandemic going one there could be a race for the number 4 spot or one of the Aldine schools upsetting one of the spring schools as this season looks to be anybody’s race.”

So why is everyone talking about a team that made the playoffs last year for the 1st time in 12 years?


Coach: Wayne Crawford

The culture has change at Aldine MacArthur. With 17 players getting a shot to play college football and a chance to get a education. Joshua Eaton is now at Oklahoma and is number 2 on depth chart, he talks about what playing at MacArthur means to him. With the upcoming class of 2021, 2022, 2023 MacArthur has become a hotbed for scouts. MacAthur has also been a hotbed for coaches as well. With the addtion to a already awesome coaching staff the Generals have added former Denver Broncos/Oklahoma RB Quinton Griffin a former Aldine product from Nimitz high school to coach running backs, and new safties coach Halakilangi “Frank” Muagututia former Utep star and California/Hawaii native, the Generals look to develop there talent. The Generals will look for 3 year starter

Rashaun Jackson QB to lead them. Jackson threw for 1,582 yards 13 TD’s and was second team all district. Maruice Woods LB/RB with a offer from Tulsa is a a problem on both sides of the ball with 403 yards, 6TD at LB he had 83 tackles, 7 sacks, 1INT. Demonta Missouria 6’4 300 pound OL/DT with offers from New Mexico St., Southern, TSU and others is a key staple on offense and defense playing OL/DT for the Generals. Paul Newman is returning with 76 tackles and 2 sacks under his belt this season as well.Players to watch are WR/DB Justin Williams, WR/DB Keenan Jackson, ATH Sebastain Carrier, Avante Reed, RB/DB Cedric Caldwell, OL/DL Jeremiah Vargas, DL Joshua Ordenana,


Coach: Matt Meekins

“The mindset is different around here, that was the goal for my first year is mindset and commitment, the players are committed to what we are trying to do here.”

A longtime assistant at Westfield Matt Meekins and architect of some of that school’s all-time great teams, Matt Meekins began recruiting believers with his brother Corby Meekins TE coach at UH years back and they have been rolling the second they got there. The mustangs are always loaded with talent.

One of those players is elite returning quarterback Cardell Williams, who threw for more than 2,811 yards 30 TD’s as a sophomore last year. The mustangs will look to left defensive tackle AJ Holmes to lead the defense. Linebacker Ashton Harris who had 74 tackles 6 sacks 3 ints looks to anchor a ferocious defense. Players to watch DB Seth Johnson, DB Jaden Perkins, RB Rodney Smith, DB Kayden Craig, TE Kailon Golston,RB Dahmier Scott, WR Kevin Graham, WR Nathan Lewis, Sedick Lewis, WR Torian Riggs ,WR Chucky Hines, WR Xavian Todd, OL Joshua Roper.


Coach: Scott Joseph

“We’ve even got new helmets and new field,” 2nd-year head coach Scott Joseph who runs the Davis defense, Davis raised eyebrows this offseason by keep his team in ball games last year despite being pleague with injuries. Scott have to work with sorting out its skill positions and his team’s biggest strengths.

LB Konkheis Spivey 6-1 200 pound looks to follow up on a great season with 76 tackles and 7 sacks along with S Darius Howard 28 Tackles 1 INT, DB Savon Johnson who had 88 tackles. Davis likes to run the 3-4 defense in which he looks for DE Xavier Graham put pressure on the running backs.


Coach Richard Slater

The cougars always find themselves in the boat every season. Head coach Richard Slater seems to be always in a postion to compete for a playoff berth. They will look to lean on there stud RB Jayvon Davis (University of Texas- Permian Basin commit) 709 yards with 6 TDs along with QB Austin Remo 412 with 3TDs and LB Sean Roy. Players to watch are TE/DE Christian Booker, and DB Jermiah Jones.


Coach: Athonny Williams

Speed kills and the wildcats have it with promising returning quarterback Daelyn Williams 1,864 yards, 22TD passing and 544 with 10 TD rushing in which he was the district MVP last year. TE Var’kees Gumms (North Texas commit) is a major FBS prospect. ATH Kevon Garcia had 52 tackles 12 TFL, and DB Dylan Early had 98 tackles and 5 ints last season.


Coach: Trent Miller

I beliive they are the districts most explosive offense. With QB Bishop Davenport who through for 470 and 5 TD he looks to lead the charge this year as last years QB Aldyn Bradley passed for 987 and 11 TDs, Bradley also rushed for 1,250 yards and 25 TDs as well he will slide over to play WR this season. Spring Defense is lead by LB Bralon Jones and DB Dorian Friend who has had a big off-season after run 4.3 at the SPE Elite National Camp in February and picking up some offers from Illinois St., UH, Oregon, Cambell , SS

Bruce Baker. Players to Watch are RB Myron Carter, DB Nicholas Charles.


Coach: Eric Jackson

Eisenhower is looking to go full throttle for four quarters this season. With their defense always dangerous with play makers like RB/LB Waymon Finley 407 yards rushing with 7 TD, 102 tackles on defense 3 sack, DB Christian Dunbar 40 tackles with 2 int. & ATH Chance Gardner who has picked up TSU offer. WR/DB Tyler Hutcherson will be one to watch this year.

Once the ball is snapped, A defensive specialist in Jackson in which he is always trying to figure out who the ball is going to, and then waits for his standouts emerge.



Coach: Hank Semler

The Aldine Mustangs find themselves in a similar boat this season the found themselves last season I belive coach Semler has some of the best energy in the confrence when it comes to team you can’t take them lightly or you will get beat. Head coach Hank Semler is pleased with the progression of his DL Lazaro Escobar increase in the weight room in which he has become the strongest on the team. Key players are DL Lazaro Escobar had 87 tackles last season, 10 TFL, 3 sacks, LB Juluis Haynes had 56, 3TFL, 1 sack, WR/DB Reggie Smith 1TD, 43 tackles, 2 ints, RB Elijiah Teamer 655 yards 5TD.



  1. Westfield
  2. Spring
  3. Dekaney
  4. MacArthur
  5. Eisenhower
  6. Davis
  7. Nimitz
  8. Aldine

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