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SPE Elite National Football Camp to Highlight Nationwide Talent on January 27 in Pasadena, TX

Athletes from across multiple states have already secured their spots for the upcoming SPE Elite National Camp, set to take place at Sam Rayburn High School in Pasadena, Texas, on Saturday, January 27.

The event's registration kicks off at 9 a.m. CT, marking the beginning of an action-packed day. Scheduled to commence around 10:30 a.m. and concluding with the awards presentation at 3 p.m., participants can anticipate a day filled with exciting football activities.


Given Texas' reputation as a major talent hub for college-level prospects, the state is poised to make a significant impact at the event. Notable prospects expected to attend include the 3-star wide receiver Lyrick Samuel from Erasmus Hall in New York. Standing at an impressive 6-foot-4 and weighing 185 pounds, Samuel has garnered attention with offers from esteemed institutions such as Michigan State, Penn State, Rutgers, and Syracuse. Adding to the excitement, another captivating prospect hails from New York—Jayden Locke. In addition, representing New York, quarterback Brady Nash from Islip High School exhibits commendable mobility in the pocket and showcases impressive arm strength in his throws. Ameir Morrow, the running back, displays nimble footwork, while Jahsear Harris, a defensive back, stands out with his length and active coverage skills. Joining him in the secondary is Devin Pigott, who excels in man coverage against any opponent. On the defensive line, Tyler Davis is a force to be reckoned with, bringing a relentless motor to dominate the trenches.


Quarterback Garrison Cantrell, a 6'4 gunslinger, is set to join the event from Georgia, accompanied by wideouts Jaden Perry and Kobe Hokes. The trio from Georgia is gearing up to make a significant impact at the upcoming gathering.

A formidable group from California is set to make a grand entrance in Houston on Friday before heading to Pasadena on Saturday.

The St. John Bosco standout, Roman Paseka, a 6'3, 275-pound defensive lineman, will lead the charge alongside his talented teammates—Mathayus Moe (OL), Laneselota Olive-Enos (DL), and Isaac Pula (OL), forming a powerhouse on the field.

Adding to the Californian prowess is the rising star quarterback of 2027, Brady Edmunds, a freshman phenom standing at 6'5 and weighing 215 pounds. Edmunds has already attracted offers from notable institutions like Arizona State, Miami (OH), and Connecticut. Meanwhile, Ethan Adams brings a touch of swagger to the linebacker position and has earned an offer from Pitt,

California's Defensive Back Havon Finney Jr, hailing from Sierra Canyon, is poised to make a significant impact at the SPE Elite Camp. Standing tall at 6'3, Finney is a standout DB and is considered one of the best in the country. With offers from esteemed institutions such as Arizona, Georgia, Oregon, USC, and Washington, Finney brings his impressive skill set to the camp, aiming to leave a lasting impression.

Joining the showcase of talent is Syre Gilmore from Junipero Serra, a standout Defensive Back ready to dazzle with his California speed

Ashdon Wnetrzak, a formidable presence at 6'8 and 335 pounds, dominates the offensive line for Sierra Canyon. Regarded as a beast on the field, Wnetrzak has attracted offers from Maryland, Northern Arizona, San Diego State, Oregon, and UNLV, showcasing his prowess and versatility.

On the offensive front.

Savelio Niumata, a 6'4 quarterback from Edison High School in CA, is set to impress with his ability to make all the throws. His diverse skill set adds depth to the quarterback position, promising an exciting performance on the field.

Darryl Davis III, a linebacker from Culver City High School, is geared up to compete, armed with an offer from Oregon State. Davis is eager to showcase his skills, bringing intensity and determination to the field. Keep an eye on these standout players as they contribute to the dynamic and competitive atmosphere of the upcoming event.

Savion Day, an offensive lineman from Long Beach Poly High School, is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to dominating the trenches.


Lionel Prudhomme Jr., a formidable force at 6'4 and 288 pounds, commands the defensive line for Captain Shreve in Louisiana, showcasing his monstrous presence. Joining him is Joshua Moy from Union Parish, Louisiana, adding to the formidable defensive lineup.

Caleb Ricks, a 6'2 defensive back from St. Amant High School in Louisiana, brings his exceptional skills to the field, demonstrating a knack for finding the football. Coming off a stellar year, Ricks is set to make an impact in the upcoming season.

Dylan Berymon, a disruptive force at defensive tackle from Ouachita Parish, poses a challenge for opponents and has secured offers from UTSA, Grambling, and Baylor, attesting to his talent and potential.

Myles Joseph, a towering 6'4 offensive lineman from LCCP in Louisiana, is anticipated to emerge as one of the state's best after this season. Keep an eye on these Louisiana standouts as they contribute to the strength and competitiveness at the camp.

Devionne Thompson, the wide receiver representing Livingston Collegiate Academy in Louisiana, made a significant impact last year, scoring an impressive total of 11 touchdowns.

Jerome Harris Jr. of Southern Lab High School had a standout performance last year, showcasing an impressive stat sheet. With 115 carries, he accumulated 1,187 rushing yards and scored 15 touchdowns, contributing a total of 96 points. Keep an eye on him at the upcoming camp as he proves to be one to watch. Jamar Michael, hailing from Comeaux High School in Louisiana, showcased his skills with 64 carries, accumulating an impressive 750 yards and scoring 5 touchdowns.


Mohammed Qtouf, the running back sensation from Robinson High School in Arkansas, exhibits an impressive ability to navigate the field with speed and agility, making him a standout player in carrying the football. Meanwhile, Emmanuel Hudson, representing Pine Bluff in Arkansas, excels at filling gaps and disrupting opposing offenses with his strategic play.


Adding an exotic touch to the mix, Ioane Kamanao, who showcased his skills at Roosevelt High School in Hawaii, delivered an impressive performance on the field. Keep an eye on these talented players as they bring their unique strengths to the game, contributing to the excitement and diversity of football talent.


In the realm of Southern football, Texas reigns supreme as the undisputed king. Keep an eye on these standout players who are set to make waves in the football scene: Brendon Haygood, the dynamic running back from Sachse; Grant Stewart, a skilled defensive back representing Manvel; Andre Roy, a formidable linebacker from Bridgeland; Jared Risinger, a standout offensive lineman from Westlake High School; Devan Robinson, a robust 6'3, 320-pound offensive lineman; and Kelyn Washom, a talented wide receiver from Nimitz High School. These Texas athletes and many more are poised to leave an indelible mark on the football landscape with their prowess and skills.

Jacob Saul, a towering 6'3 and 205-pound tight end hailing from New Caney High School in Texas, stands out as a formidable target on the field. Kelan Harris, an impressive 6'0 receiver weighing 183 pounds, showcases his skills at Conroe High School, earning the label of a standout player. Eli Marcos, the quarterback from Lake Creek High School, demonstrates exceptional ball placement and possesses the ability to execute a diverse range of throws, positioning himself as a potential top quarterback in Texas. DeBraun Hampton, a three-star wide receiver from Willis High School, distinguishes himself as one of the state's premier athletes to keep an eye on. Jalen Mickens, another three-star wide receiver from Willis High School, presents a comprehensive skill set, excelling in hands, route running, and speed. Finally, Darville Allen, a shutdown corner from Willis High School, adds defensive prowess to the mix.

Ashton Jacobs, a lockdown defensive back for Klein Cain, showcased his skills with an impressive 5 interceptions last year. Kaedyn Cobbs, holding down the safety position at Guyer High School, has earned the reputation of a beast and boasts offers from UTSA and Buffalo. Standing at 6'4 and weighing 260 pounds, Ryan Anderson, an offensive lineman from Westfield High School, is a formidable force with an offer from Prairie View A&M. Kaden Mendenhall, the sharpshooting quarterback from Elsik High School, made his mark by throwing 14 touchdowns last season. Hayden Jenkins, a dynamic defensive back from Sotomayor in San Antonio, demonstrated his prowess with 58 tackles and 4 interceptions in the previous season.

Da'Marcus Hodges, the running back representing Dobie High School, has the potential to emerge as one of the premier running backs in the state of Texas.

Sam Rayburn boasts a pair of standout performers participating in this national event. Keep an eye on Malachi Rivas, a 6'0 quarterback who has been putting in significant work in the weight room during the offseason—making him one to watch. Additionally, H'Rei Jones, a versatile athlete for Sam Rayburn, showcases skills that extend across the board. At the end of the day, Jones proves himself as a true football player with a well-rounded skill set.

Jairus Bush from Glenn Heights High School established a remarkable record with two pick-sixes, totaling an impressive 102 yards in interception returns. Caden Ward, standing at 6'0 and representing Clear Springs High School, is a formidable force on the field. With 2 interceptions, 35 tackles, 5 pass breakups, and 3 tackles for loss, he demonstrates excellence on the defensive front. Particularly noteworthy is his exceptional performance in man coverage, where he proves to be lights out.

Conroe's standout quarterback, Cameron Nunley, belonging to the Class of 2027, is making waves and is poised to be among the best in his class. His remarkable pocket presence stands out, showcasing an impressive ability to make decisions swiftly and effectively. On another note, Cayden Williams, also a quarterback from Willis High School, has the potential to emerge as one of the most dangerous dual threats in Texas. His knack for eluding defenders with ease adds a dynamic element to his game.

Brandon Derbigny is a rising star in Texas, poised to become a top talent in the future. His exceptional performance includes both throwing for 1,000 yards and rushing for another 1,000, showcasing his versatility and skill on the field for Cypress Falls.

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