Best Burgers in the World: In-N-Out Secret Menu – Updated for 2016

In-N-Out secret menu is perhaps one of the most well known in the fast-food industry, being much longer than most, boasting a list with dozens of burger modifications, extras, drinks and treats you didn’t even know existed with menu prices that rival the big competitors. Already-popular Animal Fries aren’t on the menu, but known by […]

In-N-Out secret menu is perhaps one of the most well known in the fast-food industry, being much longer than most, boasting a list with dozens of burger modifications, extras, drinks and treats you didn’t even know existed with menu prices that rival the big competitors.

Already-popular Animal Fries aren’t on the menu, but known by the public. This decadent extra is the extent of secret menu knowledge for many, so scroll down and see all you’re missing out on!

In-n-Out Secret Menu

Animal Style (Burger)


Animal Style Burger

Only for the most ravenous. Adding this delicious sauce to your burger gets you pickles, an overload of In-N-Out’s famous sauce, grilled onions, and mustard fried onto each patty.

The combinations are endless. Whether you want a burger with 3 patties and a slice of cheese, just one of each, all cheese and one patty, or just a plain slice of cheese, it’s available to you. One fan recommends a 12×12 (12 patties and 12 slices of cheese).

Flying Dutchman Cost: $2.10


Flying Dutchman Burger (no buns please)

Who needs buns? Just pure beef and cheese. The meat and potatoes. For anyone trying to avoid wheat or gluten, this is how you get your fix of juicy In-N-Out beef patties without delving into the carbohydrate-rich realm of buns on a burger.

burger, not known to many, is an option that removes the standard burger buns, leaving the customer with a savory mountain of meat and cheese.

Caution: this dish can get sloppy fast. So, unless you want to look like a kid stuffing his face with cake at his 1st birthday, make sure to grab a stack of napkins before you enjoy this messy monster.

Toasty Buns


In-N-Out Toasted Buns (crispy)

Let them fry your buns, too, to add a little crunch to every bite and dodge the sogginess that’s sure to come with juicy condiments piled up.

Grilled Cheese

Cost: $2.35
The cheeseburger…minus the burger. Perfect for any vegetarian looking for some zest in their sandwich.
Protein Style


“Protein Style” (lettuce instead of buns)

All the glory of your normal In N Out burger, but forget the buns. An outer layer of lettuce surrounds these juicy patties for a tasty treat.
Veggie Burger
Buns with vegetables in between. Sounds pitiful to me, but for any vegan In-N-Out goers, it looks like just about the only option.
Cut in Half
Perfect for families with a little one that isn’t ready to take on an adult burger yet.

The Fries

Well-Done Fries

Cost: $1.60

It’s a slightly longer wait, but the end-result is a whole batch of crispy fries that you usually savor with care when found among a batch of normal fries.

Light Fries

Not the best reviews. But if uncooked potatoes make you happy, In-N-Out has you covered.

Animal Style Fries


This dish is not so secret anymore, and though it is not listed on the menu, its popularity has skyrocketed among the In-N-Out community.

Cheese Fries
For anyone that needs gooey queso drenched over their french fries in order to eat them.

The Drinks

Neapolitan Shake
Cost: $2.10


Why get one flavor when you can get 3? Mix all three of the classic In-N-Out milkshake flavors together for the famous Neopolitan.

Root Beer Float


I can certainly identify myself as part of the growing fan base for this classic that you can purchase alongside a juicy burger. It’s just another reason In-N-Out meets the feel of the old-fashioned diner, but the standards of a 21st-century fast food business.

That’s right, you can get the famous root beer float right at your local In-N-Out. It’s nothing specific to 50s diners and ice cream parlors — the combination of delicious, creamy In-N-Out ice cream with a cup of sugary root beer makes for an irresistible treat.

Perhaps as tantalizing as their insanely popular milkshakes, the root beer float has reached but a fraction of its potential. Probably due to the fact that it’s not on the menu, this item is not a popular purchase of In-N-Out customers, but hopefully as the word spreads, so will its fan base.

Try it next time you’re getting a burger, and witness what you’ve been missing.

Tea – Aid (Arnold Palmer)

It’s an Arnold Palmer. With a different name. That you can buy at In-N-Out. What more can you ask for?


Lemonade and 7-Up. Sounds like some tantalizingly sweet drinks that Applebee’s makes (the green grasshopper), but with an In-N-Out flair.



The Secret Sauce

Many call it the reason that In-N-Out’s burgers are so irresistible. Others speculate that it’s just thousand-island dressing. My opinion is that it’s a custom mixture that only In-N-Out knows the formula to, and they’ve perfected it, making the ultimate burger topping.

What few know, however, is that by simply asking, you can get an extra packet of the sauce. For someone looking to drench their burger in dressing or to dip their fries in a tangy new flavor, it’s the perfect addition to a delicious meal.

This free sauce thing is tempting me to get the sauce every time and stockpile a lifetime supply. Actually, who am I kidding…I couldn’t even last a meal without eating it all.

Chili Peppers

You can get them diced in your burger or separate, in little plastic baggies. They’re small, yellow, and pack a punch with flavor. They appear to be yellow peppers like pepperoncinis.

Grilled Onions

Adds some flavor to an otherwise unnoticeable onion. Can be grilled whole or in pieces.



You can also add chopped chilis to your burger and ask for no salt on the patty.
In addition, you can ask for light salt or no salt on your fries. Want extra toast? How about no toast? You got it!
Do you have kids? Ask to have the milkshake cut in half to share.

From In-N-Out employee and SecretMenus fan:

“With drinks we can mix any flavor. One time a customer wanted 3/4 diet and 1/4 regular and we did that. We do cut burgers in half for the children if you want. We can also cut it into 4 too. We really try to make the customers happy and we always try to give you what you want. Just simply ask.”


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