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Missing the Partner You See 24/7

How to feel connected when you have nowhere to go. Source link

Try Tiles

Our soothing matching game may help you de-stress. Source link

What Does it Mean to be ‘At Home’ These Days?

People are experiencing the reopening of the country in different ways in different regions. They are responding to it differently, too. Source link

Outspoken Chinese Professor Is Said to Be Released From Detention

Xu Zhangrun, a law professor in Beijing known for criticizing the Communist Party, was allowed to go home after being detained a week...

Britain Offers a Plan for Jobs, but Braces for a Wave of Layoffs

The government says it will spend nearly a billion dollars on work coaches and a new online job search platform. Source link

Theater Review: 'Staged' and 'Talking Heads'

“Staged,” a six-episode sitcom, and “Talking Heads,” a remake of a group of vaunted monologues, show what good can come of a bereft...

The True Story of My Marriage to a Pot

How did it come to this? My stars were not aligned. Source link

I’ve Seen a Future Without Cars, and It’s Amazing

Why do American cities waste so much space on cars? Source link

Teletherapy, Popular in the Pandemic, May Outlast It

Some therapists find that remote therapy is so convenient to their patients that they will continue with it. Source link

A Swiss Dada Pioneer Finally Gets Her Spotlight

Sophie Taeuber-Arp did it all: Installations, textiles, costumes, abstract art. Nearly 80 years after her death, an online gallery show commemorates her talent...

Cairo Badly Needed a Detox. Lockdown Supplied One, at a Steep Price.

Three months of lockdown slowed its pulse, stripped its grit and exposed a new side to a weary city. But without the noise,...

Ziwe Fumudoh Asks: ‘How Many Black People Do You Know?’

The comedian performs a kind of racial high wire act on her Instagram Live show, but she really just wants to heal. Source link...
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Jets' Le'Veon Bell uses midnight boxing to get in 'phenomenal' shape

Sporting a leaner frame with 10 pounds shed, New York's leading rusher has been getting quicker on his feet by training with a...

Sunday Spotlight: Is Bieber MLB's best ace, the amazing Luis Robert and more

A rookie phenom faces the most dominant pitcher in baseball so far as the White Sox host the Indians on Sunday night. Source link...

Zion's performance in the bubble and the Pelicans' future

The No. 1 pick's shortened rookie season could come to an end this week. What does that mean for him and his team? Source...

Pence: Spoiling Cueto's no-hit bid feels 'awful'

Giants outfielder Hunter Pence's defensive miscue in the sixth inning spoiled teammate Johnny Cueto's bid for a no-hitter, though San Francisco beat the...