7 ways to make your hydrangeas last longer

Hydrangeas are stunning so it makes sense to want them to last as long as possible. However these flowers are known to wilt very quickly. Here are 7 steps to help these beautiful flowers last longer. You’ll need: Flowers Scissors Vase Soap Sugar How to make your hydrangeas last longer: Add sugar to room temperature […]

The university where you can get a BA-level degree for free

It was November 2010, and a river of placards flooded the Thames Embankment in central London. Tens of thousands of people – from impressionable freshers to battle-weary trade unionists and anarchists with their faces covered by black scarves – had gathered to protest against a proposed rise in tuition fees. It was the time of […]

Jay Z: From drug dealer to wheeler dealer

by Lisa France, CNN That’s the day his debut album “Reasonable Doubt” was released, dropping the needle on the start of what has been one of the most epic careers in the music industry. But he didn’t stop there. In the past 20 years the man who was born Shawn Corey Carter and who grew […]

Tesla shares tumble as it makes offer for SolarCity

Tesla Motors made an offer Tuesday to buy solar energy provider SolarCity in a $2.79-billion deal that would consolidate billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk’s energy-related businesses. Musk sounded thrilled, but Tesla shares were falling sharply afterhours. The move would bring together the stationary power storage business that Tesla has been developing with SolarCity’s expertise in rooftop […]

Final 20: A Requiem For Life

Feeling sorry and full of regret, fearful and beating hasty retreats from dreamt endeavors is no way to live. So I have decided from this point on to not do that. It was a conversation with a dear friend, a mercurial old soul that sparked this awareness. A curious question even more curiously put, “If […]

FDA approves weight loss stomach pump device

The Food and Drug Administration approved a weight loss device on Tuesday that pumps food out of a person’s stomach after they eat a meal. While some have criticized the device as “assisted bulimia,” the FDA stressed in a statement, that the AspireAssist device is not meant for anyone with an eating disorder, and should […]

French scientists join project to uncover secrets of the pyramids

French scientists equipped with a special telescope have joined the Scan the Pyramids project that was launched last year to discover the secrets of Egypt’s ancient structures. The telescope was developed by the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) and uses muon particles, which are similar to cosmic rays. The scientists hope it […]

College Graduate Says She Went From ‘Rejection’ to Interning at White House

A recent college graduate wrote in a now-viral Facebook post that after skipping her high school graduation because her parents couldn’t attend, she’s proud to graduate from college, especially after interning at the White House with first lady Michelle Obama. Sequoia Baker, a first-generation college student from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, thought about also skipping her college […]

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