Volkswagen engineer pleads guilty to federal charges in emissions scandal

A veteran Volkswagen engineer pleaded guilty today in the first criminal charges stemming from the Justice Department’s year-long investigation into the company’s rigging of federal air-pollution tests. James Liang appeared in U.S. District Court in Detroit this morning and pledged to cooperate with investigators in hopes of seeking a lighter sentence. Liang, 62 worked in Volkswagen’s Wolfsburg, Germany, headquarters […]

A new smartphone is coming only not the one you think

San Francisco—On the very evening before Apple is expected to unveil its newest iPhone, one rival has decided to lift the curtain on its own latest premium smartphone. I’m speaking of LG Electronics, makers of the V20 handset, which even without the shadow of an Apple announcement would be unlikely to generate anywhere near the […]

It’s official: JetBlue is returning to Atlanta

It’s official: JetBlue is returning to Atlanta after an absence of more than 13 years. JetBlue will begin flying from Atlanta on March 30, when it begins flying five daily round-trip flights to its hub in Boston on Airbus A320 aircraft. The carrier said it also “intends” to add additional service from Atlanta to its […]

2 loud bombs, 3 surprise fireworks that blew up the summer box office

Bryan Alexander, USA TODAY Unwanted remakes and disastrous big-budget sequels will mark the summer of 2016, now officially in the books. While high-profile do-overs such as the all-female Ghostbusters and the new Ben-Hur brought their share of summer blues, “we’ll remember 2016 as the summer of the sequel slump,” says Jeff Bock, senior box-office analyst […]

Lawmaker wants Cajun Navy to train, pay fee before saving others

NEW ORLEANS — The Good Samaritans who rescued hundreds, maybe thousands of people during the “Great Flood of 2016” say they’re not happy after a state lawmaker announced that he wants government to regulate future actions by citizen heroes. A loosely organized group called the “Cajun Navy,” took it upon themselves to save strangers, hundreds upon hundreds of them, […]

Courteney Cox on aging: ‘I regret’ cosmetic procedures

When you’re on a survivalist adventure that involves sliding across a ravine on a wire and boiling maggots for food, you can’t really hold anything back. Maybe that’s why Courteney Cox opened up on Running Wild with Bear Grylls Monday during their venture in Ireland, which saw the actress-producer get raw on the issue of aging in Hollywood. “Was […]

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