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Wednesday, September 30, 2020


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It's the world's largest domain registrar, but what can GoDaddy do for you? Source link

Rochester Cops Suspended Over The Death Of Daniel Prude

The 41-year-old was reportedly suffocated with a hood. Source link

Painting with light: Novel nanopillars precisely control intensity of transmitted light

(National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)) By shining white light on a glass slide stippled with millions of tiny titanium dioxide pillars,...

NVIDIA's RTX 3000 cards make counting teraflops pointless

Teraflops have been a popular way to measure "graphical power" for years. The term refers to the number of calculations a GPU can...

Bmax B1 thin client mini PC

Bmax breaks new ground with the B1, the cheapest Windows PC on the market. Source link

Source: Clippers' Harrell wins Sixth Man Award

LA Clippers power forward Montrezl Harrell has won the 2019-20 Sixth Man of the Year award, a source confirmed to ESPN. Source link

Wendy Williams Biopic Casts Its Lead

The talk show queen’s ex-husband has also been cast. Source link

Judge to order DHS to stop holding migrant children in hotels

At least 660 migrant children have been held in hotels during the pandemic as U.S. officials arranged for them to be expelled without...

Researchers study why neural networks are efficient in their predictions

(Universitat Rovira i Virgili) A study has tested the predictions of a neural network to check whether they coincide with actual results. To...

AI-drawn voting districts could help stamp out gerrymandering

Gerrymandering is one of the most insidious methods out there of influencing our political process. By legally changing the way votes are collected...


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Lakers heavy Finals faves, but Heat popular bet

The Lakers are heavily favored by sportsbooks to win the NBA Finals, but Eastern Conference foe Miami has gotten early support from bettors. Source...

Will Luis Really Be There For Stella Post-STI Diagnosis On Teen Mom 2?

Briana told Luis about her positive STI test result -- and now she's worried he won't be around for Stella on 'Teen Mom...

Trump and Biden finally face off

Trump and Biden finally face off Source link

Scientists identify solid electrolyte materials that boost lithium-ion battery performance

The discovery could help battery researchers design the first solid electrolytes that are safe, cheap and efficient. Source link