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Gotmix: What’s your story?   Lundy: I born in Houston, TX. I am an only child. I grew up to be a strong independent woman. As a child I was very intelligent, outgoing and friendly. I always stood out because of my unique height (I’m 4’9). I had a great life coming up as a kid. I […]

Michele Mcknight: Gotmix Beauty of the Month October

  Michele’s journey began in her hometown of Houston, TX. Ever since graduating from Prairie View A & M University, Michele has been building a foundation in broadcast. After graduation, she landed her 1st ‘official’ radio gig as a promotion’s technician and it was then she realized she had found her calling. After bouncing from […]

Gotmix Beauty of the Month: Skyla Dawn August

  You see her on KCOH Radio and 90.1 FM; also she is the owner of her own Gym. She is really involved in the community we want to welcome Skyla Dawn the Gotmix Beauty of the Month for August.  Gotmix: Where are you original from? Skyla Dawn: I was originally born in Washington, DC area when […]

Get Nominated For Gotmix Beauty of the Month September 2016

Nominate the Next Gotmix Beauty of the Month share with a friend you think fits the criteria. Good Character: Applicant is of good moral character, and has not, nor if married, her husband, has not engage in any activities which, if disclosed to the public, would bring herself, gotmix beauty of the month, employees, directors, […]


Apply to Become a Gotmix Beauty of the Month. Eligibility for Gotmix Beauty of the month is based on submitting proper photos and a statement answering “Why I want to be a Gotmix Beauty,” along with the signed Beauty of the Month Release and Consent for Publication Form, which we will request from you only […]

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